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About Us

Hey guys!! My name is Nurse Sam and I am the founder/CEO of Nurse Sam Global Media LLC! I am a Licensed Practical Nurse and a nursing content creator!

I believe that a person ‘retains when they’re entertained’ so I created the Nursing School Study Bar - centered around my mission to bridge the gap between studying and engaging, interactive learning in Nursing School. I sell creative digital products/notes and study guides influenced by nostalgia and entertainment!

I also design and create merch to proudly represent LPNs and boldly stand against LPN degradation/discrimination! #LPNsAreNursesPeriod

It’s crazy to think I started my entire brand about a month after my emergency hysterectomy 2 years ago! I gave birth to my brand even after castration!! it’s my literal baby and only child so I’m ready to make one hell of an IMPACT!