Frequently Asked Questions
Are Your Study Kits Physical Products?

No, all Study Kits are digital downloads that can also be printed at your leisure. 

No physical items will be shipped.

Are your Study Kits for RN or LPN?

Our Study Kits can be used by both RN and LPN students. Although the scope of practice differs between RN and LPN, the general nursing information and critical thinking skills are the same. The signs and symptoms of a Stroke won't differ between nursing programs, I promise. :)  

How Do I Access/Download My Study Kits?

You will receive both an instant download link IMMEDIATELY after purchasing AND an email confirmation from us containing the individual download links of the Study Kits. This makes it easier for you to choose what study kits you want to study/print at that time in your semester.

To Download:

Once you open the Study Kit, 

    • select the three dots in the upper right hand corner and hit 'Download' and follow the prompts to save the file to your device.
    • Download to device
    • Import into a note annotation app on your tablet (such as OneNote)or iPad (such as GoodNotes or Notability) and write digitally!
    • Or open the PDF if you wish to print it out physically
How Can I Get My Study Kits Printed & Bound?

Many of our customers also choose to print out their Study Kits professionally! I recommend Printme1.com and use code nusesam0621 for low cost printing options


What Apps Do You Use To Take Notes?

I take my notes on the iPad Pro 11-in using my 2nd Gen Apple Pencil.

Apps used to take notes:

    • Notability
    • GoodNotes

You do NOT need an iPad to utilize these Study Kits. Works on any device that can open and edit PDFs.

I'm Starting Nursing School Soon! What Study Kits Do I Need For My First Semester?

First off, Congratulations on getting accepting into nursing school! No matter the program, that is a GREAT accomplishment!

I remember my first semester of nursing school and how I wish I had a done-for-you packet of what to expect in nursing school. Luckily, I created that Bundle just for you!

Get everything you need to survive and thrive your first semester of nursing school inside the First Semester Bundle (including a Nursing School Essentials Checklist and a bundle-exclusive Digital Student Nurse Planner)

 Do You Have A Bundle That Includes EVERYTHING?

Absolutely! We included all 23 Nursing School Study Kits (and even included a bonus 1hr video review) within the Ultimate Nursing School Bundle (formerly known as the Ultimate NCLEX Bundle)

What Do I Need If I Am Studying For NCLEX?

Since you are reviewing everything you learned up to this point in nursing school, you will need the Ultimate Nursing School Bundle for access to ALL study kits for review. 

Included is a bundle-exclusive bonus video - 1hr of NCLEX video Review and Practice Questions playing 'NCLEX Jeopardy'


I Haven't Received My Download Yet! Where is it?

All Study Kits are INSTANT digital downloads that go straight into your email inbox (be sure to check all folders including spam/promotions/updates). 

If not there, email 'support@thenursesam.com'. It is common (and human!) to type the wrong email sometimes or just have emails blocked by certain domains altogether (it happens frequently with '.edu' and 'outlook' domains).

Good news? It happens! Woosah :) Include your name, order #, and email used to purchase so we can track your purchase and resend your link in a jiffy.

My Download Isn't Opening on My Android Device

If you're using chrome on an Android phone, it doesn't support plug-ins so it doesn't have the PDF viewer to open the file.

You will need to download using another browser application or download a PDF viewer to fix this issue.

If the problem persists, email us at 'support@thenursesam.com' for further assistance and a fresh link!


I Can't Find My Study Kits/Links! HELP?


No, I'm totally kidding! :D

Remember, you have lifetime access so if you lose a link just send us an email at 'support@thenursesam.com' with your name and email used to purchase 

Do You Offer Refunds?

Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds due to the digital nature of the product. 

The digital delivery is how we keep our prices competitive and reach a wider audience. You do have the option to print and bind the study kits and there are multiple examples of how to do so on our social media pages as well as in your product delivery email.