Nurse Life Planner (Pre-Order) - The Nurse Sam
Nurse Life Planner (Pre-Order) - The Nurse Sam

Nurse Life Planner (Pre-Order)

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Introducing the Nurse Life: Ultimate Work-Life Balance Planner: designed to help nurses and nursing students better organize, plan, and prioritize the important aspects of life while pursuing their definition of 'work-life balance'.

✅ Have more time to do the things you want to do

✅ Get organized and create a realistic action plan to accomplish your goals

✅ Get clear about your priorities and goals

✅ Set boundaries and not feel guilty for saying "no"

✅ Know the warning signs of burnout and what you can do to manage it

✅ Make yourself a priority and maintain a positive outlook on life

✅ Maintain relationships with friends and family.

The Nurse Life: Ultimate Work-Life Balance Planner will show you exactly what steps to take RIGHT NOW to organize and streamline the priorities of your life, both in and out of scrubs.
Even better, you get the guidance and motivation needed to take your life to the next level by identifying your goals, creating realistic action plans to accomplish those goals, and making yourself a priority so you can be the best person and nurse you can be.

The Nurse Life: Ultimate Work-life Balance Planner includes:

  • ​Weekly Planning pages
  • ​Paycheck Budget Tracker
  • ​Shopping List
  • Meal Planner
  • ​Goal Setting pages
  • ​Goal Breakdown pages
  • ​Create-Your-Own Vision Board
  • ​Nurse Burnout Manager
  • ​Quote Dividers
  • ​Note pages
  • 12 Month Calendar - Dateless so you can start ANY TIME!
  • Gold crystal pen (black ink)

*PRE-ORDER! Ships in 2 weeks*